So my mom asked me who Bucky Barnes was when she saw my new shirt.

  • Mom: So who is Bucky Barnes?
  • Me: He's Captain America's best friend.
  • Mom: Who's Captain America?
  • Me: He's a super soldier who fought in World War 2.
  • Mom: Is he a villain?
  • Me: No mom he's a hero.
  • Mom: Then who's Bucky?
  • Me: Bucky is Captain America's friend who fought beside him in World War 2.
  • Mom: Why does he have a metal arm?
  • Me: He fell off a train and was found with his arm ripped off.
  • Mom: Why didn't Captain America rescue him?
  • Me: He thought his friend was dead.
  • Mom: Thats sad.
  • Me: Yes it is.